Vince Ray

The legendary low brow artist Vince Ray formed the Boneshakers in 2006. The aim of the band was to provide a musical equivalent to his artwork. The songs always have a strong narrative theme with weird and twisted tales of foxy femme fatales, hell bent hot rod races and B movie horror soundtracks. The music has many varied influences from punk rock, rockabilly, psychobilly to western swing…but these are just influences and the band prefer not to be tagged with any style label. …’we’re the Boneshakers, we play rock and roll!’

Vince Ray has worked closely with Fender and Gretsch on a number of merchandise projects and has a custom guitar in production with Fender. He has a life long love of old Fender amps and Gretsch 6120 guitars and is rarely seen or heard playing anything else. The band have maintained a classic three piece set up of guitar, drums and double bass with the drum stool permanently occupied by the Gaff. In Vince’s words, ‘There is no drummer like this man! Who else plays twin bass drum pedals combined with a Bo Diddley beat over the top? He swings the beat like a motherfucker and the precision of his playing punches the back wall out. We were also lucky to find a double bass player in Ben Auston who’s quite astounding too. Nothing’s normal about the lad, he’s left handed, fingers like a donkey’s dick and he’s equally at home on the guitar as he is on the bass. I watch him run through Django Reihndhart solos and puke.

Vince ray and the Boneshakers are London based and have played throughout the UK and Europe. They have shared gigs with the Stray Cats, the Reverend Horton Heat, the Damned and many other legendary names. They have three albums available on Raucous Records, ‘Boneshaker Baby‘, ‘Zombie Radio‘…..and ‘The Sound Effect of Sex and Horror‘ which kind of says it all!

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  • Blue Rhythm Baby
  • Country Folk
  • Fast Cars, Cheap Booze, Loose Women
  • Hey Bartender
  • Hillbilly Hellcats
  • Looking For Johnny
  • Play It Straight
  • Vern Vain R’n’R
  • Women, Liqour, Beer And Poker Dice
  • Jailhouse Spock
  • Lady Luck
  • Spring Heeled Jack
  • All Men From Earth
  • Boned Alive
  • Dr. Bonepuller
  • Hellbent On Rockin’
  • Jet Black Rocket
  • Rocco
  • Snakedrive
  • Wild Nuthin’
  • ’59 Cadillac House
  • 12 Bar Hole
  • Ain’t Got No Skull
  • Betty Bitch
  • Black Shadow
  • Black Zodiac
  • Boneshaker Baby
  • Confessions Of A Psychocat
  • Date With The Devil
  • Everybody Smokes In Hell
  • Evil Bitch 666
  • Hell On Halloween
  • Johnny Razor
  • Johnny Razor’s Back
  • King Of Jack Shit
  • Let’s Go Psycho
  • Non Stop Rock & Roll Voodoo Action
  • Psychosonic Girl
  • Red Hot Rod
  • Rocket Outta This World
  • Rocket From Japan
  • Speedking
  • Suffragette Boy
  • Surfin’ DOA
  • Sweet Unlucky 13
  • Tight Skirt Action
  • Voodoo Blues
  • Wild Guitar
  • Wildcat Rock n Roll
  • Zombie Radio
  • Zombie Walk