The Adelians

The Adelians is formed in 2013. Some members of the Q-Sounds Recording crew wanted to start a new adventure full of Rhythm’n Blues, Northern Soul and other 60’s fuzz. The rhythm section is a label all-star line-up with founder members Ludovic Bors & Antoine Demantké with members from “Les Chacals”, Arnaud Dandelot & Jake Blackbird and the Radek Azul Band. For this brand new project they asked Christelle Amoussou to write lyrics to L. Bors’ compositions.

At the beginning, the combo played with a variety of singers before they finally found THE ONE voice they needed – Florence. The young soul sista comes from Paris and is the heiress of great voices like Shirley Ellis or Wendy Rene. Aged only 20, The Adelians is her first band, previously having  sung in church. She has a unique energy and punchy 60’s voice that can lead the band’s driving beat. On stage, she is the Soul sista #1, hot and soulful, singing loud wild Rhythm’n Soul.

The Adelians – 5 gunners, devoted to the wildest kind of Soul! Their songs are a mix of Northern Soul and Rhythm’n Blues, full of energy.

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  • Naïve
  • Come Back
  • It’s Too Late
  • Let Us Live
  • Nothing Without You
  • Tu m’ennuies
  • Seule
  • Dis Moi Oui Ou Non
  • Hey!