Sweet Benfica

Sweet Benfica are a lo-fi duo from the periphery of the Welsh Mountains. A place where trees grow Omnichords for leaves, pylons are held together with guitar strings, streams and rivers cry under waves of feedback. They aim to write and record the greatest DIY homemade mix tape that ever existed.

Brothers Stefan and Calum James formed in 2011 and started writing, in 2013 they recorded their first EP in the shed in their garden. With a broken amp, one mic and small multi-track recorder they managed to capture the warped sounds of a dormant future. Tunes are captured as they float past in the atmosphere, melodies that have been in slumber for thousands of years, sounds from a dormant future, songs that were drawn on cave walls, are kidnapped then traced by their broken antennas. The sellout EP helped them gain a few support slots, a bunch of festival appearances, radio airplay and some critical acclaim.

As a means to get songs recorded as quickly as possible using the Brain, Tape, Phone, Memory, the Computer.

Their debut album ‘Earthquake Lights‘ released summer 2014 is 12 songs, written, recorded, produced and mixed by themselves with one microphone and a broken 8-track recorder.

Sweet Benfica plan on kidnapping lofi garage rock nuggets and releasing them to the world.

Sweet Benfica are two brothers from the peripheral of the Welsh mountains.

Sweet Benfica – Facebook

  • Heart So Old
  • It Came From Outta Space
  • I Wish
  • Stealing Honey From A Beehive
  • Sugar In Your Tears
  • The Sliding Stones Of Death Valley
  • The Tombstone News
  • Girl Makes Me Go Wild
  • Black Shackles/li>
  • 100 Degrees
  • Earthquake Lights
  • VHS
  • Cave Drawings
  • Back This Way
  • Villains
  • Paper Thrones
  • Weird Beard
  • Horror
  • White Rarebit
  • Lasso
  • Long LIve New Flesh
  • Motorcycle
  • White Rarebit
  • Dip My Hands Into The Sun
  • Every Day Is A Sunday Morning
  • Phosphenes
  • Church Of The Sacred
  • The Witch
  • Spin
  • Blood Vibrations
  • Weeknight Creatures
  • Black Aquarium
  • I Sleep Naked
  • Bloodsport
  • Octopus Swamp
  • Eyes In Their Sockets

Sweet Benfica – Facebook