Scott Lavene

With his trademark twisted narratives and deadpan delivery, Scott Lavene takes the listener into an alternate universe in ‘The Toffee Tickler’, his first new music since 2019’s acclaimed debut album Broke. The accompanying animated video sees Scott collaborate with Canadian issulatralor and filmmaker Ryan D Anderson for the second time.

Lavene has the lyrical smarts and the fairground bark of an Ian Dury, the incisive wordplay of a Costello and the deadpan pop of Madness in his creative DNA along with the street poetry of an Essex boy version of Lou Reed, the dislocated funk of Talking Heads, the jellied eel lyrical bounce of Chas and Dave, and the inventive surreal see saw of a Tom Waits and many other nonconformists.

Released in 2019, ‘Broke’ and it’s epic, 7 minute lead track, has since become something of an underground, post-punk hit. Richard Metzger of the Dangerous Minds blog delcred at the end of the year “Any ‘Best Albums of 2019’ lists that don’t have Scott Lavene’s ‘BROKE’ near the top are bullsh*t”. And despite its length, the single Broke keeps on growing on Spotify, drawing more people from around the world into Scott’s world that is full of detail of a life lived in scuffed shoes, rainy towns and the magic of the everyday.

First Time
The Earth Don’t Spin
Lord Of Citrus
Toffee Tickler
You Plus Me Equals Everything
Walk Away
Roll Up
I Chose Amphetamines
Say Hello To Zeus
All Gonna Blow
She’s A Livewire
Late Night In Billericay
Sell Out
My Kinda Girl
My Stereo
Modern World
Light Of The Moon
Methylated Blue
Someplace New
Big Top Heartbreak
Dogs Can’t Play Cards
My 8Th Birthday
Champions Of The World
Good News For Bad People
Glory In These Hills
Christmas In The Asylum
My Breath Killed The Roses
The Happiest Boy In Town
High Class
Your Love Keeps Me Going
Our Condition
A Bike And A Bell
I Like You For Your Money
I Think I Love You