REAL(s) provide the soundtrack to the chaos of the early 21st century’s struggles. The bands formation was inspired by the writings of Mark Fisher, ‘Capitalist Realism’. This book is at the heart of the band’s identity. Readings are delivered at live shows, where REAL(s) take over stages with a revolutionary fever. Our age of climate change, global social economic political upheavals ring out in the frequencies that REAL(s) evoke.

Forming the art collective D.S.L.B (Deep Song Love Bomb) to use all forms of art & creativity, combined with a collection of philosophies ranging from Nietzsche, Lorca’s Duende & DaDaist surrealism, REAL(s) seek to highlight the inconsistencies and cracks in the façade of late stage capitalism, conjuring a breaking in the chains of our past so we might step into a future that has long been unclaimed.

“Hailing feedback, white noise, a ferocious punk rock assault on the senses. REAL(s) deliver a high energy, cathartic performance” Garageland
“Incredible energy, passion, chaos. REAL(s). Punk rock magical realism.” DIY Thursdays
“No punk rock sloganeering, music with a message the REAL(s) deal.” Psych-A-Rella

Stop Freaking Out
Wilhelm Scream
Up The Slopes
From The Seed
Dark Web Messiah
M.I.C Blasters
For All Eternity