Debate amongst commentators is often around the subject of whether Mirrors were proto-punk or proto-no wave? Well, maybe both or maybe neither. What we do know is that they sounded like no other band! Jamie Klimek formed Mirrors having witnessed the Velvet Undergound at La Cave in Cleveland. The experience inspired him to take up guitar, vocal and songwriting duties. Other members: Jim Crook (guitar), Jim Jones (bass – later to be replaced by Craig Bell), Michael Weldon (drums) and Paul Marotta (keyboards/guitar) followed.

Initially gigs were sporadic and generally poorly attended as the band were a minority of one in a non-existent scene. Inspired by Mirrors other bands formed. Jamie Klimek arranged a couple of live extravaganzas and on December 22nd 1974 at The Viking in Cleveland organised the second Extermination Night, the line-up: Mirrors, Rocket From The Tombs and Electric Eels. All for 75 cents!

The band drifted apart as other members formed new bands or joined others. It wasn’t until 1977 that erstwhile fan of the band David Thomas having started his own label released a single ‘Shirley’ b/w ‘She Smiled Wild’ (Hearthen HR 105). Only 1000 copies were pressed and it remains a much sought after collectors item.


  • All My Life
  • Cheap And Vulgar
  • Everything Near Me
  • Hands In My Pocket
  • High All The Time
  • How Could I
  • Inside Of Here
  • I’ve Been Down
  • Living Without You
  • Halt Amigrophy
  • She Smiled Wild
  • What Could Be Better Than
  • Opus 12
  • Another Nail In The Coffin
  • Follow That Blonde
  • Every Day
  • If I Swear
  • I Got A Need
  • Penthouse Legend
  • I Think I’m Falling
  • And I Saw You
  • Good To Me
  • Shirley
  • Cindy & Kathy
  • Fog-Shrouded Mist
  • Violet Shadows
  • House On The Hill
  • I’m Going To Wyoming
  • You Love Me
  • Beaver Girls
  • Leave The Girls
  • Sweet Refrain
  • Petit Fours
  • I Love Joan
  • Swept Away
  • Who Greased The Girl
  • I’m The One
  • To Do We Do