Milky Wimpshake

Milky Wimpshake formed in 1993. Original line-up was Pete Dale (guitar and vocals) and Joey Ramone (drums). Joey’s real name was Joey Ramone – she had changed it officially in a moment of madness. This line-up recorded the 9 song cassette ‘Songs of Zoom and Buzz‘ (Slampt 6) in summer ’93 before adding Christine Rowe on bass the following year and recording the first single, ‘The Deviancy Amplification Spiral‘ (7″ only, Slampt 24).

A year later, Joey went AWOL and was not heard from again for nearly 10 years. Grant Jones took her place on the drum stool, which remains the Milky Wimpshake line-up to the present day, except for occasional stand-in gigs featuring guest musicians such as Marc Walker (Red Monkey) and Phil Tyler (Spraydog).

The second single, ‘Milky Wimpshake Plays Love Songs For Punk Rockers‘ (Slampt 40) was recorded and released in 1996 followed by the first full-length album ‘Bus-Route To Your Heart‘ (Slampt 48) in 1997. This fanzine-acclaimed LP set the standard for the MW sound – buzzsaw guitar (think Ramones, Buzzcocks or Talulah Gosh), not very macho vocals (think Jilted John), simple bass, garage-y drums, throwaway humorous lyrics. The band toured the album around the UK and Europe with fellow Slampt bands Sally Skull and International Strike Force. No new recordings were forthcoming until 1999 when ‘Dialing Tone‘ b/w ‘True Love Will Find You In The End/Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste‘ was issued as a 7″ by Ferric Mordant. This release was shortly followed by ‘Home Is Where The Hate Is‘ b/w ‘Itchy Feet On A Tuesday Night‘ on Libellous Recordings. Eventually the band shambled back into the studio to record a second album, ‘Lovers, Not Fighters‘ in 2001 which was issued by Troubleman Unlimited (US), Fortuna Pop (UK) and Youth Club Tape Club (UK, vinyl only).


  • 77 Punk Rock Boy
  • Bar Code Punk
  • Bedroom Love Song
  • Blow Out At 80 Miles Per Hour
  • Cheque Card
  • Dialling Tone
  • Electric Shock
  • Ex Boyfriend
  • Golgo 13
  • I Love You, You Weirdo
  • I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You
  • It Might Sound Dramatic
  • Kickstart Affair
  • Late Expectations
  • Milk Maid
  • Mon Couer Bat Plus Rapidement Que La Techno
  • My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno
  • Naom Chomsky Versus The Ramones
  • Nightclub Voyeur Cliche
  • Palm Of My Hand
  • Phone Bill Fear
  • You’re Shaken, I’m Stirred
  • Boxing Day Blues
  • Count To 3
  • Don’t Get Down (Get Even)
  • Hackney
  • Here’s To The State Of Mr. Poodle
  • I’m Saving Myself For You
  • Needed: Heart Handbook
  • Not Poetry
  • Sensible Shoes Blues
  • Spidey
  • Techno
  • Pearshaped
  • True Love/Youth
  • Creepfoot
  • One Good Use For My Heart
  • (Show Me The Way) To Anarchy
  • Alice Nebulae
  • Broken Again
  • Changing Shape
  • Cherry Pop
  • Clicking To It
  • Eyeball To Eyball
  • Lorraine
  • Itchy Feet On A Tuesday Night
  • Murder In London
  • Patchwork
  • Thursday
  • Bourgeois Blues 99
  • Chemical Spray
  • Chester Brown
  • On Top
  • You Are The Bomb
  • Activated
  • (I’ll Be Your) Subject/Object
  • (I’m A) Worthless Person
  • Letraset Angles
  • Motormouth
  • The Mirror Stage
  • Uncool Jerk
  • Without You
  • You Don’t Look Twice
  • Ping Pong Lovers
  • My Girl In Brackets
  • Babylon Lovers
  • Loose Lips Schtick
  • Putting Things Right
  • Le Revolution Politique
  • Coming Soon
  • The Beautiful Game
  • In Spite Of These Times
  • Lovers Not Fighters
  • Newport
  • Eytmology
  • Second Gen MC Dropout
  • Didn’t We?
  • Philosophical Boxing Gloves
  • Jack Ass
  • White Liberal Guilt
  • Too Much, Too Drunk
  • Scrabble
  • Capitalism Is A Perversion
    I Just Can’t Escape From Myself
    You Make A Nice Piece Of Art
    Leicester Square (You Stopped My Time)
    Fuck Art, Let’s Danse
    I Don’t Wanna Work
    King Of Clubs
    Hospital Coffee
    Welcome To Fascist Britain
    Wanna Marry?
    No War (But The Class War)
    Written By Hand
    I Don’t Want To Go There