Lucy and the Rats

It’s the summer of 2015 and our newest Londoner, Aussie punk rock legend Lucy Spazzy, is bored of playing at home by herself. She needs a band badly so she assembles a bunch of deadbeats and outcasts from the punk rock underworld and starts rehearsing them. Lucy and the Rats are born.

According to a witness, their sound came across like a lab experiment gone wrong; the most delicate of hamsters being savaged by the filthiest sewer rats whilst humming the sweetest of sweet melodies. But with Manu (Thee Tumbitas) on drums and Mike Animal Cannibal and Joe To Lose (Los Perros, Johnny Throttle) on the twin guitar assault, these rodents had some bite and, voila, Lucy and the Rats were born!

Their sound is chock-full of mean hooks and warm irresistible melodies; Lucy’s delicate voice and harmonies sitting on top of what has become a brilliant powerpop backing band. Onstage, Lucy channels the toughed-up sexiness of Suzi Quatro via Kurt Cobain’s plaid shirt drawer.

They’ve spend the past few years playing all over the world, and in 2018 are adding Japan and Australia to their Two of the many highlights were national tour support for the Buzzcocks and playing onstage with power pop legend Paul Collins.

Their self-titled debut LP will be officially released Worldwide on May 25th and was recorded in Denia, Spain and produced by Johnny Casino and Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs).

    • She’s Beautiful
    • Coming Down
    • Something New
    • Pills
    • Make You Mine
    • Lose My Mind
    • So Simple
    • Melody
    • Night Comes Fall
    • Hold On Me
    • Girl
    • Can’t Surf
    • September
    • Real Thing
    • Not One Tear
    • Time To Time
    • On Fire
    • Dark Clouds
    • Lucky
    • Sorry
    • Get Down
    • TV
    • Jelly Baby Baby