C Joynes

Over the last decade, C Joynes has ploughed a singular furrow through solo guitar, with a body of work incorporating English folk-tunes alongside North & West African music, and lifting proto-minimalist and improvised techniques from the European classical tradition.

C Joynes has released 7 albums to date, including ‘The Wild Wild Berry’, a collaboration with singer Stephanie Hladowski (fROOTS Editors Choice Album Of The Year 2012, MOJO Top 5 Folk Albums 2012). He has played extensively across the UK, Europe and the USA, sharing bills with performers including: Shirley Collins, Martin Carthy, Comus, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Alasdair Roberts, Richard Dawson, Jack Rose, Glenn Jones, Josephine Foster, Sir Richard Bishop, Six Organs Of Admittance and 75 Dollar Bill.

Shifting to solo electric guitar on his most recent releases, the ‘33 Chatsworth Rd‘ EP on alt.vinyl (2015) and ‘Split Electric’ LP on Thread Recordings (2016), he’s currently exploiting the instrument’s potential for placing over driven garage blues throw-downs alongside the brittle ringing tones of electric folk.
The ‘33 Chatsworth Rd‘ EP also previews solo electric versions of tunes appearing on a forthcoming al-bum with Dead Rat Orchestra.

As much Conlon Nancarrow and Ali Farka Toure as Blind Lemon Jefferson, the compositional mind at work here can take apparently disparate threads of modernism and ethnic tradition and treat them as though they were all archaic blues styles learnt from dusty 78s.”  THE WIRE

An inheritor to Davy Graham; a lone operator prone to unexpected collaborations, with a repertoire that crosses continents and timezones with consummate ease, and dashed off with a phenomenal, yet lightly applied technique.”  THE WIRE

His epigrammatic re-castings and re-readings of widely-travelled folk melodies and rhythms from a varie-ty of traditions suggest shared memories that might be intensely universal while seeming strangely out of reach. DUSTED MAGAZINE



  • An Untidy Country Of Glaring Limestone
  • The Law Of Hospitality
  • Horns Lit By The Rising Sun
  • The Garden Of The Tribe
  • An Insect Which Eats The Moon
  • They Squatted By The Tank In The Light Of A Lantern
  • The Ghost Of One In The Darkness
  • The Eastern Side Of Walantar
  • The Linden Tree
  • Crows On The Sandpile No.1
  • Joseph In The Sea Of Corn
  • And The Moon Was Full And Round
  • Stout Mr. Jemmy Hurst
  • Pollard The Limes
  • Georgie
  • Green Orange
  • Ghosts Of The Field
  • Good Luck Burgess
  • The Running Board (Thanet To Dogon)
  • World Of Kobu
  • Librarie Du Maghreb
  • Sang Kancil
  • Tango Wire
  • Triennale
  • The Running Board
  • Bold William Taylor
  • Endomorph Vs Ectomorph
  • St Cloudy Apple Spring
  • Salmontails Spring
  • The Whittlesey Straw Bear Tune
  • Joynes, NC
  • 23 Minore Mane
  • No Further
  • Mob Happpii
  • To Samarkand For Prester John
  • Nuevo Tango
  • They Are Beautiful, They Will Never Die
  • Waverley Cross
  • Tigers & Lions
  • Night Over Djerba
  • Mapperly Park To Atlow
  • Red Sleeves
  • Gospel Trayne
  • Beloved Solo
  • Untitled Improv
  • Set The Barracades Low
  • Mali Sajyo
  • Gottem Ni Gottem
  • The Vegetable Lamb Of Tartary
  • Hamasien Wedding Song
  • Librarie Du Maghreb
  • Jacket Shines