Billy Nomates

Billy Nomates hails from the countryside, this kind of everyday town in an everyday area. Currently flitting between Bournemouth and Bristol – two redoubts of DIY culture – she’s learned to embrace her own independence.

Stark post-punk with elements of Riot Grrrl in there, too, Billy Nomates is unequivocal in both her creative and personal stance.

There’s a full album coming on Invada Records this summer, with the songwriter sharing fantastic new debut single ‘No‘.

A song of defiance, it finds positivity within its independence, separating itself from patriarchal systems and the male gaze.

“No is a power any time, any place,” she sings, before later adding: “I wonʼt shave everything off, Iʼm not twelve…”

A potent introduction, ‘No‘ places Billy Nomates at the forefront – tune in now.

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