Beans On Toast

After more than 10 years in the game, Essex born songwriter Beans on Toast has become something of a cult figure. He’s written and recorded 10 albums, he’s played every bar, club, venue, pub, festival, party and honky tonk you can think of and he’s showing no signs of slowing down, he’s loved every minute of it.

He’s a hippy, a punk, a poet, a drunk, a die-hard romantic and an eternal optimist. Singing simple songs that tackle big issues. Political protest songs for the modern day, honest and open Love songs. Songs that will make you laugh, but also make you think with no holds barred honest lyrics and quick wit.

The Beans on Toast live show is an odd and unpredictable experience. A singer,
storyteller and guitar player his self-deprecating quality is not something you often see, but it breaks down the barrier between musician and audience, creating a sense
of equality.

Over the course of his career he’s sold out countless headline shows. Explored England’s small towns (and made a documentary called Small Town Celebrations). Played sold out arena shows with his old pal Frank Turner. Played on a cruise to the Bahamas with Flogging Molly. Played festivals in the deserts of South Africa. Traveled 10,000 miles playing shows around North America and plays Glastonbury Festival every year, his 2016 Glastonbury show on the Avalon stage being his biggest yet with an unprecedented turn out bulging out the sides of tent. It was incredible.

Beans on Toast is an honest guy, he stays true to his ethics and he tells it how it is.
In these troubled times, perhaps we need a protest singer, and some optimism.

“Protest songs peppered with optimism” The Guardian


1980’s Sagittarius
A Bit More Track In The Monitor
A Real Life Country Song
A Whole Lot Of Loving
Alice McAllister
All I Wanna Do Is Give You A Flower
An Afternoon With Henry Rollins
Angry Birds
Another Year
Bamboo Toothbrush
Beautiful Alice
Binge Drinker
Bird Flu Blues
Blowjob For The Blues
Bon Voyage
Can’t Buy Me Love
Can’t Get A Gig At Glastonbury
Can’t Take Another Earthquake
Convenience Killed The Kids
Dirty Paki
Don’t Believe The Bullshit
Driving Me Crazy
Eggs Benadict
Fancy Dress Frisbee
Favourite Thing I Own
Fear Mongering Clap Trap
Flower In A Council Estate
Flying Clothes Line
Foolish, Wild + Forgetful
Free Night Of Riots
Freedom Road
Fuck The Smoking Ban
Girlfriend In The Jungle
God Is A Cartoonist
Good Health & Happiness
Harry In A Helicopter
Health And Safety
Here At Homerton Hospital
Hippy Bullshit
Hippy Crack
How Great Was Emmy?
I Ain’t That Old Sunshine
I Can Be That Tree
I Fancy Laura Marling
I Shot Tupac Shakur And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt
I Think Everybody Should Be Terrified
I’m Home When You Hold Me
I’m Wearing The Clothes I Found On Your Throne
It’s A Funny Old World
Jamie And Lily
Junkfood Sex
Kate Moss’ Birthday Party
Keep You
Lake District
Left My Heart On The M25
Let The Fat Lady Sing
Lizzy’s Cooking
London At War
Major Oak
Media Circus
Microwave Popcorn
Miss You Like Crazy
Money For War
Money Money Money
My Name Is Jay And I’m An Alcoholic
My New Number One
Myspace Picture
Nanny Mac
New Can Of Tuna
New Computer
New Shoes Blues
No Fit Girls In NYC
Nola Honeymoon
Numbers And Words
Old Grunge
Pappa Jay
People Keep Making People
Peter Pan’s Playground
Please Give Generously
Post Bestival Festival Blues
Protest Song
Robin Hood Costume
Sold Out Shows
Stinging Nettles
Taylor Swift
Thanks For Fucking Up The world For Us
The A303
The American Dollar
The Apple Of Eden
The Art Of Friendship
The Big Goodbye
The Chicken Song
The Children Of Bedford
The Day That Dance Music Died
The Drum Kit
The Dry War
The Great American Novel
The Great Big Fucking Hole
The History Of Art
The House That Austerity Built
The Industrial Estate
The Mudhills Crew
The Peaches Of Wandsworth
The Price Of Rice
The Pub In Holloway
The Search For Fats Domino
The Seaside In Springtime
The Sun, The Moon And Me
The War On War
This Side Of The Fence
Throat Cancer
Tour Blog
Travel Back In Time Dance
Watching The World Go By
Wave Goodbye To EMI
We Made It To The Waterfall
Whatever Happened To The Rubicks Cube?
Who Is Big Jeff?
Why Did The Chicken Cross The World
You Fat Bastard
Beer And A Burger
The Unlikely Gymnast
The Ignorant Englishman
That’s Why I Came To Okeechobee
Open Door Policy
Smells Like Bullshit
Afternoons In The Sunshine
It’s Only Natural
Fast Train
Folk Singer
All I See Is Wagamama
Fuck You Nashville
Down The Pub
Human Contact
Strange Days